Saddle-Fitting - FREEMAX WESTERN

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The fork
The fork determines the size of the saddle.There are 7 different interchangeable forks for the FREEMAX.
We are able to supply you with a measure and instructions to help you determine the correct size of the fork for your horse. The price of the measure will be deducted from the price of the saddle when you order (one measure, one saddle).

Saddle shape

The FREEMAX is a treeless saddle. Its base is made of a specially injected foam which gradually shapes to the individual horse´s back (as shown in photo´s) Several horses can be ridden with the same saddle providing that they have the same gullet width.

The seat

The seat for the rider is built traditionally from multiple layers of leather with a final layer of neoprene padding for added comfort. Seat sizes: 15 ", 16", 17 "

Saddle Pad

With any treeless saddle it is important to use the correct saddle pad. A pad which gives good spine clearance and back protection is necessary. The pad should be anatomically shaped so that no pressure can occur at the withers. We are happy to advise .

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